RES Graduate School

Iceland´s leading experts and academic scholars in the utilization of renewable energy sources participate in teaching and advising students. In addition, a large number of world-renowned professors from foreign technical universities participate in the program.

The M.Sc. Program was an intensive one-year program of study that carries 90 ECTS credits. All the instruction and correspondence was conducted in English. The years were divided into three trimesters each and carry 30 ECTS credits. All M.Sc. courses were in the form of condensed teaching modules of 1-3 week durations. Students attended lectures for up to 4 hours each day, in addition to daily lab/computer exercises and demonstrations in the utilization of renewable energy.

The M.Sc. Degree Program covered all types of renewable energy. Strong emphasis was placed on technical and practical aspects of energy utilization (technology and research methodology) and on energy efficiency, but also on minimizing environmental impacts of energy use, energy economics and energy/environmental policies.

Minimum prerequisites for admittance was a B.Sc. Degree in Engineering (e.g., Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Industrial, Environmental etc) or Physical/Natural Science, including (e.g., Chemistry, Physics, Geology/Geophysics, Biotechnology, etc.).