RES | The School for Renewable Energy Science

RES was and will be an international graduate school devoted to education in renewable energy science and technology. "RES Restarted" project started on July 11 2011, this project will continue through 2011 and high hopes are that new partners will begin admitting students into parts of the RES program mid 2012. The new partners will be universities on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

M.Sc. Specializations at RES

RES offered five specializations of study: Geothermal Energy; Hydropower; Fuel Cell Systems & Hydrogen; Biofuels & Bioenergy; and Energy Systems. RES Restarted will also focus on Wind & Wave Power and Solar Energy in the negotiations with future graduating institutes. A fourth optional trimester is being considered where students will be able to do one of the following; double the length of their research projects, take additional courses to graduate as engineers or study further project management.


Unique Aspects of the Graduate School

RES is a tried and tested model of providing students a high quality education, rigorous curriculum, creative study environment and an international faculty of the highest standards. RES Restarted will once again offer students access to some of the world´s leading experts in the field of renewable energy, not only through high quality professors within the universities but also through many experts within the private sector as well. Experienced teaching staff and thesis advisors from a large number of technical universities, energy companies, research institutions and governmental organizations. The RES program is the ideal place to educate engineers and scientists in the harnessing and utilization of renewable energy sources. An M.Sc. Program is created around sound knowledge and expertise, which along with an acclaimed international faculty, ensures high academic standards and quality. Graduates of RES´s M.Sc. Program in Renewable Energy Science are an important workforce and catalysts in promoting the increased use of renewable energies in a world that is gradually moving towards a more conscientious and sustainable use of the earth´s energy sources.

Renewable Energy Utilization in Iceland

RES is located in Iceland, a country which is renowned for its unique geological conditions. As a student studying in Iceland, you will be in a country which has the highest use of renewable energy sources in the world. Currently, 82% of primary energy in Iceland already comes from renewable sources and 100% of electricity and space heating is from a renewable source. At present only our transportation fuels are still imported and non-renewable fossil fuels, but otherwise Iceland is self-sufficient for all of its energy needs. All of these factors make Iceland an interesting case to follow for other countries which are still locked in a completely fossil fuel- based economy.